Commit 927f1b2f authored by Mark Winter's avatar Mark Winter

Handle java dependencies returned from InitCompiler. Exit if InitCompiler...

Handle java dependencies returned from InitCompiler. Exit if InitCompiler fails due to cancellation or error.
parent af3d05a5
......@@ -32,12 +32,16 @@ function CompileLEVer(forceVersion)
%% General compiler setup: Deals with version updates and pulls external dependencies
initStruct = Dev.InitCompiler('LEVER',forceVersion);
if ( isempty(initStruct) )
% User exited the build due to error or uncommited dependencies.
%% Build FrameSegmentor help information into a function for use in compiled LEVER
%% Setup visual studio for MEX compilation
[vsStruct comparch] = setupCompileTools();
[vsStruct,comparch] = setupCompileTools();
bindir = '..\..\bin';
if ( strcmpi(comparch,'win64') )
......@@ -71,14 +75,16 @@ function CompileLEVer(forceVersion)
%% Compile LEVER, Segmentor, and batch LEVER_SegAndTrackFolders.
javaDeps = initStruct.javaList;
addImgs = {'+UI\backFrame.png'; '+UI\forwardFrame.png'; '+UI\pause.png';'+UI\play.png';'+UI\stop.png'};
newOutput = compileMATLAB('LEVer', bindir, addImgs, initStruct.toolboxList);
newOutput = compileMATLAB('LEVer', bindir, [javaDeps;addImgs], initStruct.toolboxList);
outputFiles = [outputFiles; {newOutput}];
newOutput = compileMATLAB('LEVER_SegAndTrackFolders', bindir, {}, initStruct.toolboxList);
newOutput = compileMATLAB('LEVER_SegAndTrackFolders', bindir, javaDeps, initStruct.toolboxList);
outputFiles = [outputFiles; {newOutput}];
newOutput = compileMATLAB('Segmentor', bindir, {}, initStruct.toolboxList);
newOutput = compileMATLAB('Segmentor', bindir, javaDeps, initStruct.toolboxList);
outputFiles = [outputFiles; {newOutput}];
......@@ -95,7 +101,7 @@ function CompileLEVer(forceVersion)
function [vsStruct comparch] = setupCompileTools()
function [vsStruct,comparch] = setupCompileTools()
vsStruct.vstoolroot = getenv('VS140COMNTOOLS');
if ( isempty(vsStruct.vstoolroot) )
error('Cannot compile MEX files without Visual Studio 2015');
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