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......@@ -8,7 +8,10 @@ leverList=webread(url);
for f=2:length(leverList)
for f=1:length(leverList)
if (14==f) || (3==f)
if ~isempty(strfind(lower(leverList{f}),'ctrl'))
......@@ -19,8 +22,8 @@ for f=2:length(leverList)
if isempty(trackList)
% nFusion= length(find([trackList.t0]>1))/length(trackList);
% nFission = length(find([trackList.t1]<max([trackList.t1])))/length(trackList);
% nFusion= length(find([trackList.t0]>1))/length(find(1==[trackList.t0]));
% nFission = length(find([trackList.t1]<max([trackList.t1])))/length(find(1==[trackList.t0]));
nFusion= length(find([trackList.t0]>1));
nFission = length(find([trackList.t1]<max([trackList.t1])));
<h1> welcome to lever.js </h1>
<h1> welcome to lever.js -- computational tools for live cell & organelle microscopy </h1>
i'm glad you're here. leverjs is a great tool for live cell & organelle image analysis. the goal is for the software to be a resource to the community (that's you). i'm grateful for help/feedback, and i support any efforts to make the tools more broadly useful.
lever.js is intended to enable collaboration, and to enable ubiquitous interaction with the images and analysis. the goal is to bring together expertise in biology and medicine with microscopy and computation. the vision is of a community built around learning from images and data. i am very happy for you to make use of the software tools you find here, but i'm especially keen to get to host your movies and data, to help bring together a larger resource we can all benefit from.
-andy cohen <br>
acohen '@' <br>
<h1> introduction </h1>
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