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readme, version -> 1.0.2, node.exe in build extra files

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"name": "leverjs",
"version": "1.0.1",
"version": "1.0.2",
"description": "live cell & organelle image analysis",
"main": "elever/main.js",
"scripts": {
......@@ -54,6 +54,12 @@
"filter": [
"from":"c:/Program Files/nodejs",
lever.js readme
0. install node.js
1. install python 2.7 (and make sure it's on your path!)
2. start a node.js command prompt
3. git clone https://git-bio....
4. cd leverjs
5. npm install
5. npm update
6. npm run postinstall
7. now you can run the electron app:
......@@ -28,12 +28,27 @@ node server.js --port=3000 /path/to/.leverFiles
and browse to localhost:3000 using chrome,firefox or opera (any webgl2 compliant browser)
a. you will need to have matlab2017a installed, or the runtime. downloaed the runtime <ACK!>
b. the software should work on windows, unix and mac. for unix, the matlab path in cmdloop.js is hardcoded (ACK!).
for mac, i don't have a mac so it's never been tried :) but probably the hardcoded matlab path is a deal breaker...
baby steps...
0. use microsoft's visual studio code. really. it is the best option for node/electron development.
a. from the debug tab (bug icon), find the launch.json (gear icon). pick from the configuration dropdown which to run.
leverjs defaults to experiment window (render process). image window (render process) is also useful. electron is a two
process application - a main process that manages o/s / node stuff and a render process that manages chromium (browser)
window stuff.
b. you can also generally bring up the chromium or browser debugger with shift+ctrl+I. this is useful for debugging
client side javascript.
1. to debug matlab process, edit package.json and set 'noLaunchMatlab' to true. start the image window renderer program, pick your algorithms and select reseg all (or next). then start matlab. run matlabpollDB('\path\to\leverFile.LEVER'). Or, just run matlabPollDB and it usually finds the right LEVER file automagically (from lever.state tidbit left by CmdLoop.js).
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