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fix edit status/sidebar/first edit command

parent b92af86f
......@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ function addToQ(leverCommand)
// this will recall this same function. this time the command will go into this slot
else {
// mark our status so we don't get clobbered waiting for child to start up...
......@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ function buildEditProcessTables(Q)
// this is the one...
var status=Q.inProcessQ[i].status;
var cl = document.getElementById('editStatus');
cl.innerHTML="<option>"+status+"</option>" + cl.innerHTML;
cl.innerHTML="<option>"+status+"</option>" ;
// update UI based on status
lever.js readme
<h1> welcome to lever.js </h1>
i'm glad you're here.
<h1> KNOWN ISSUES </h1>
this is a preview release. this is not licensed for public viewing or use. this is for collaborators with Andy Cohen's ( group to have a chance to try out the new software, test features and provide feedback.
the main issue is that the .LEVER file format will change significantly at least once before general release. i will provide an update program, but because the .LEVER files are "authored" by the user, you will want to backup your files and apply the update at a time of your choosing. if that sounds too complicated, you may want to wait for a more mature release of the program.
other issues are logged in the gitlab system. please feel free to create an account and log issues as you find them.
generally, the ui needs work. all of the features i think should be in the program are avaialable, but they are not always where you would expect them to be.the view tab transfer function is a fantastic example of ui gone wrong -- the first person who can demonstrate a mock up of the right way to do this will win a hot or cold beverage of their choice!
open this link: <>. click on the latest .exe file.
(note - sorry i don't have a code signing cert yet). that is really my code above,
on my server, verified by the https. so, tell your browser to just install it.
you can download sample image data from the link as well, as well as a zip file of a recent git archive (better to see "INSTALLING FROM SOURCE" below)
you can also optionally (sort of optionally, you really will want this) install the matlab 2017a runtime so analysis and image import to work (note if you happen to have matlab 2017a already installed you can step this step...):
this is for windows 64 only. no admin account credentials required. there's a leverjs program that starts the experiment window, and a shortcut to start the image window. the experiment window has an import tab. point that at your microscope file, pick an output folder and watch your hard drive work hard. when that's done, you can add algorithms, process all your datasets,start a server, script the visualization from matlab or python to make movies, etc...more details on how to/tutorial stuff to come soon...
0. install node.js
1. install python 2.7 (and make sure it's on your path!)
2. if you want to analyze the images, and you don't have matlab2017a installed, download and and run the mcr installer from here:
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