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This is the source code repository for the paper "Segmenting Touching Cells"
The manuscript is currently under review. This software is intended only for the
selected reviewers to evaluate. It is not licensed for download or use.
After the manuscript is accepted the software will be released free and open
M. Winter, W. Mankowski, E. Wait, E. C. De La Hoz, A. Aguinaldo and A. R. Cohen, "Separating Touching Cells using Pixel Replicated Elliptical Shape Models," in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.
doi: 10.1109/TMI.2018.2874104
keywords: {Image segmentation;Transforms;Task analysis;Fluorescence;Gaussian mixture model;Shape;segmentation;cell segmentation;elliptical distributions;Gaussian mixture models;segmenting touching objects},
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